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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


green stuff in my eyes

I couldn't open my eye until I got into the shower... eye flim I just want a couple days off.... It is like germ war-fare in flour bluff... she wants me to talk about her... or to talk about someone who looks like her... You have this chick that does music and I would say she looks like you instead of saying you look like her.... It is overheard maybe someone else... On the bus the guy is talking loudly about being busted.. You would call that a source and it may not be the person that got busted, it could even be around my apartment because I was approaced. says he got busted selling persript meds and then says he has nothing, they charged him with the theft of drugs and then he mentions he was selling them.. should get a new lawer right there and then says his girlfriend was selling coke.. richard got into some unidentified legal trouble and his girlfriend or friend as it may be is unhappy about it.. I am riding the bus and the resale price of pain medication is mentioned.. thats the people harrasing me and I say ya they are after me real bad but I do not think there is a resale market in sleeping pills.. May be a market in anti-depression meds or something sounds like a good defence for an ordered killing a lesser crime.. doesn't know jack about up and comming space tourism planes... says british virgin airlines is near bankrupt (I dout that I should double check they are going into the buisness).. sounds like an american airline when you say virgin safe asumption percentage wide for a us airline.. there is a chance that nasa could get embarased. I feel give nasa it's budget but ground the space shuttel and spend it on expiremental craft these people can do it most likely.. built in 79 the same year as 8 mpg cars started to get phased out designed when almost 30 years ago... Links I have programing links on my drive after I steam my lungs out..

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