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Saturday, December 17, 2005


harrasment has been thursday and friday when they mow

The harrasment has been thursday and friday when they mow.. About how you are supposed to embarras people with alergies.. AA.. I think they say that people with alergies blaim other people. AAA that is the american alergy association.. they bring you a gallon of ethonal if you run out of gas I hear.. It is because we don't want you to have any jobs we have plenty of jobs here. redisign the mower into a combine blowing the grass onto the belt and into a covered tank or enclosure. I was talking about the haunted equipment and complaining about venisualen harrasment and then someone yells He is not vensualen.. Where else do anti-ethonal iranian coke dealers come from jeez.. get your politics strait.. I believe the iranians want to become radio active on thier own instead of using other people..., I am against that ........... .............. ............. I am not sure who's idea this is we are going to get as many people who smoke as possible and let them walk past all the dry grass until they have fires.. I am not sure it is ethonal they are promoting some in the city want to fill the landfill up as quicly as possibly...

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