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Friday, December 30, 2005


iboprofen overdose danger

well only 6 is recomended so I switched to asprin seems like every four hours my throat swells and that is when I have the most trouble otherwise most of the flem is gone... been two weeks so it is probily not anything lethal deep cough though less like tar than it has been.. my eyes were not glued shut but dried stuff this morning so that was an improvement 10 hours of sleep.... I am out of it and hopefully not to dificult to people figure other things have sort of got her and hopefully I have done no harm, I dout that I could be that jelpfull.. I have probily not been myself entirely at times for the last couple of weeks.. It was sort of a hurtfull tone from her though probily other people in her life causing her trouble... wverything is alright as far as I am concerned...

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