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Monday, December 19, 2005


k od

k od k od k od od kay od kay... add another $500 to your .pdf file (SCOTT TRADE) from the county k... there is some near the police training I don't have any i.d at all about it... looks like someone gets my finger prints in a conspictius manor.. I was watching the presidents speach he was saying something about intelegence failare and most noteably about needing to find out what something is befour something happens not after.. misquoted You have to remember he is not running again I am not sure what small movements mean feels like "quality" when they listen, came up at work someone was talking about it reminds me of something I heard at sitel but did not see.... If I was looking for questions I would look for at least two angles when listening to people if any come out of the woodwork. what happened and why does what happened matter.. Not of any large picture but all the subplots.. I need one of those full time girlfriends.. I still mis a underware thief I went out with some time ago that is bad to long ago, It is not the reagan defence my memory is less good as time goes on 4 years ago and all very,very abusive most abusive audio I have ever heard intense..

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