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Thursday, December 22, 2005


margin debt

paid 4.8 % or so of my margin debt should be able to pay on the other margin debt a few % on the same transaction plus lower average costs... tv talkin about top of the rate cycle.. scottrade sorta nailed me I should have alot more saving by paying of almost 50% of what I had when I started.. end of the year div and distrobutions should help out.. don't know if I keep the job or not if not that is the end of going over bridges.. someone saying from the next door apartments about end of the year cap gains more of the same stuff as I have been getting... I should be looking at cap gains losses later for tax purposes.... not sure why he would need to know and it is pretty impossible to know in advance.. looking at jan contracts and xmsr price.. still below $32.50 so I don't look above $32.50 I look...

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