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Thursday, December 15, 2005


more graphiti

It is the same style more or less as the grahiti on the vacent dentist building... s.s.r. stands out... I hear what may be roleplaying a strip mall again.. I don't have that kinda cash to hang out at clubs like that.. I hear a femail voice say sarcasticly I wish.... I wont coment I could use the help for an upcoming project, I don't just handle old relicks I have newer projects.. It is pretty clear how to aproach me without an agenda or I don't have any patience for it. I notice blond says and then others go... I notice spikes in sales, I notice drops in sales.. You know femail hair in a bun is fine.. shoes optional.... pretty voice is always a treat.. to extend and revise my notes aproached with any person other that who I want to be aproached with.. I am not intrested in political crap realy if you have credibility you know how to aproach me.. If you don't have credibity you have to sell it.

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