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Thursday, December 22, 2005


no belly dancing look for strange links you shall find


If you're sitting around your house contemplating belly-button lint, here's a site that will keep you thinking about nothing in particular for hours on end. The Random Surrealism generator spits out such gems as: "I'm funny-smelling!"; "Enter the terrorist, enter the terrorist!"; and "Would you rather covet a fork or need to know about Daffy Duck?"


Friday 31 August 2001

People, I do not program for you, I program for me. If you pay me, then I will program for you. Otherwise, I am best, you must die.

Thursday 16 August 2001

Tsk. Three times in the last couple of days, I've had something to blog, and my DNS servers have been down just long enough for me to forget what it is. I've also been learning to use Jeskola Buzz (or maybe this link as that one is down), and Photoshopping things. [19:18] [0 comments]

You could hear the background people in the belly dancing it was so loud. channel 10 public access.. talking about someone who was getting investment advice or something somehow. Don't look the same as the women on campus with all sorts of stuff about india and such.

this guy comes up from alice also... or it is a pretty good hoax

Pakistani merchant enters a guilty plea
Asrar acknowledges that he possessed munitions illegally
By Jeremy Schwartz

Pakistani storeowner Muhammad Navid Asrar of Alice, whose arrest a week after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks sparked panic and evacuations


don't recall anyone with a forien accent though

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