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Thursday, December 01, 2005


portscan attack

BASIC compiler for Windows with OpenGL supportCreated by Tom Mulgrew (tmulgrew@slingshot.co.nz)
A computer with the ip adress of information that is characteristic of theportscan attack

Eric enim was in wednesdays corpus christi caller times said he was on judge judy alot of allegations.. I am not sure this is the same mr enim that was at apac or not. In my face all the time harrasing me. The man also has no hair on his legs or at least didn't at the time. Not sure web site is connected to the attack or not... looking for dark basic and music software plus variations.

A Port Scan is one of the most popular reconnaissance techniques attackers use to discover services they can break into. All machines connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) or Internet run many services that listen at well-known and not so well known ports. A port scan helps the attacker find which ports are available (i.e., what service might be listing to a port). Essentially, a port scan consists of sending a message to each port, one at a time. The kind of response received indicates whether the port is used and can therefore be probed further for weakness.

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