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Thursday, December 08, 2005


pure data

I think they still allow pd internals.... seems pd is two programs that try to comunicate with each other. It tends to create problems with firewalls.. I found a very good library it turns out but it only loads vst and (another less common format) for effects.. No instruments if you can load a pd external by looking at the pd internal source then you have lapda (some wierd linux format) and vst as well as other formats later probily... realy three libraries are a complete host if they work as advertised. Don't know of a way to send one command line of an instruction to csound that is probily why it has a very large number of instruments and not to much use... I think someone who is against the drug war is what is being roleplayed down the outer road in corpus... I don't think peace smokes care about the other war unless it helps sell cigerettes..

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