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Sunday, December 18, 2005


same old stuff

These people harrass you forever until they get a murder, I saw my profile on msnbc rage killing or at least people who are like me except they went over the edge. Sucicide just isn't good enough as the profile goes because what is happening is so unfair as it is here. You would of corse have different people posing as the same person well are you getting the person harrasing you or someone else. The rage killing thing realy it doesn't matter when you snap who you kill it just makes other people feel better to do the other sort of thing. I have alot of control still and I don't mean to scare but to be loud the energy is there like pcp or something. I am not going to be murdered or harrased without being loud about it statement of fact... THe audio is so bad it is hard to concentrate theres one cindy.. did he say the harrasment is me I hear as if it is cindy as if I am being questioned.. I feel unconfortable how that comes off I don't know... I think I remember her with a black eye or someone like her with a black eye maybe the latter... screwed out of 15 minutes... hopeing to come off with $100 cash tommorow think that is 8 transactions.... 10 is not very realistic but the price is good, alows me to do stuff I couldn't do befour.. xmsr and nvtl.... alot of xmsr so much source code so little time realy realy big direct x download looks simple and then vst host stuff looks mindblowing... csound I am not sure about that it seems like it would be hard to control or maybe unpridible until it is run in patterns...

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