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Saturday, December 03, 2005


sound from outside the post office

the church of acts person I think could hear them from outside. One on the postal employees once said something directed at me from outside the port airs post office. homeaid hot tommato sause they have a big strawberry container of peppers for 50 cents a little bit of green onion and celerery with a can of 50 cent diced tommato's and a little onion powder thing there is salt in it.. last microsoft bill.. hurts a little and now I will save the stamp and $12 some electricity and there is quite a bit of untapped cash. one $5 call to sell udr for $25 in january I get 10 transactions for $10 much better than two transactions for $15. The interest rate doesn't go down like I want it to. website for jobs in san antonio. Not working until next week.. If I am luck it goes for a while.. sell, sell, sell I don't feel good about thier company (In most but not all cases) That is what I should tell arnold.. these people don't know jack about farming all that waste, we should be making ethonal. The heb doesn't have all the unusual stuff like it used to does have some intresting music stuff though...

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