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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Traders world

It is gone but it was the demoz list with a rv add on it.... how common is roy rios as a name and,.......

Caller.com: News Obits26 at Corpus Christi Funeral Home. Services will be at 11 am Feb. ... ROBSTOWN - Roy Rios Villarreal, a member of St. Anthony's Catholic Church and a ...
caller.com/ccct/news_obits/ article/0,1641,CCCT_947_3578659,00.html - 41k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages

thats is as close as I get and there is a dead marine from ohio.... was 30 years old. It still looks like what the demoz list like a few months ago... speculation about roy rios and who it is exc.. exc... stunned looking stop that.. There was fresh paint at 10:25 at heb a woman is laughing and coughing.. don't know if she saw who did it or what.. doesn't look like your usual gang graphiti.. maybe.. It is behind the h.e.b. on webber It is only a matter of time befour we get gang shootings and stuff these people are running amuck....

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