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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


tuesday tuesday

strong dose of femail audio coming into the apartment last night not loud though like it is coming from the ceiling or something, and then the finacial harrasment stuff.... It sounds further away or not quite as loud this morning (tuesday morining former monday night)... some dude wanting to know about the backpack says he had cancer... looked o.k. maybe it was or wasn;t true.. atractive blond as good luck or something.. You know unrealistic expectations about other people has let me down plenty of times.. I think I am traumitised by the postal reward sign in combination with my neibors.. The postal person is all right, he is from a haunted post office (port airs).. My last rememberance of wich was the church of acts guy (in his van or truck or whatever he has now) being heard from inside the building from the outside of the building.. I should donate a little something...

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