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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


working again

I was going to mess around with csound but this black dude with his game console got me to thinking about some questions people had. I found the answer at www.fmod.org probily some more intresting sites linked to www.xiph.org . I got as far as compiling the sample with csound. I don't want to run the orchestra I want to tell it I am not done and keep sending comands. I haven't though that out yet as being possible or not possible. looks like x-box sound support amoung other things.. support our ibm employees as they go into other ventures, (if they go into other ventures). alot of pocket pc links reminds me of someone who was talking about having been quesitoned by the fbi... A couple heart breaker chicks one with blond hair, the other.... unlikely probily and a long brown hair was in my bath tub origen unkown.. didn't think there should be one without any rememberance on my part.. maybe it has floated from somewhere from months ago....

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