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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


apt 501 mail

I am getting mail from apt 501. I resent it second time that something from sherman williams ended up in my box... He is the guy downstairs that would mean he works for the chinese if what I have read is correct. not everything I read tends to be.. a planed out script at work or not???.. cant tell... Take the money and run was suggested as advice.. good advice.. That is not where all the harrasment comes from but it has been part of the problem.. Not sure all who was using it when it was not always the apt holder with the bbq's alot of the current.. check still hasn't shown up on the other side at scott trade... now it is thursday on the thing tommorow that is probily a problem.. not sure how old she is?? They are saying she needs a girlfriend, she says she needs a boyfriend.. without being offensive content it is uncool and there are kids up there. Something we shouldn't have at fti or anywhere else. can't tell if some of the conversations were thought up in advance or not. I tend to suspect that is the case. (Democrats may be considered offensive and an intresting keyword)

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