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Monday, January 02, 2006


back to the pyscological pressure befour I go over the bridge

there may be a trend.. abuse and then someone who wants to interact befour I go over the bridge.. The guy may think he was the only person I shouted loudly at. I am allowed to shout loudly there is someone who acts like he has a murder contract giving me trouble about driving or not driving and talking about sucide every time he evidently knows I am going over the bridge there is an attempt at pressuring me.. walked past the military that was my first choice, call center was not realy a choice it is a paycheck.. I could still talk to the contracter people I am not realy wanting to listen to homosexuals complain about if I drive or not because my mode of transpertation offers a place where there isn't abuse from the guy(s). Nothing good is going to happen that is if something bad hasn't already happened.. I tend to suspect the later with alot of the people I listen to.. To extend and revise I had interacted with two hispanic people intead of one hispanic person (who was taller) and it was further from the bridge..

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