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Thursday, January 26, 2006



I don't cover the bills with this job... there an act about a car... I don't cover my bills with this job and the rest is realy silly.. I hear someone talking about getting a free 100 shares.... must be a combination of puts and calls. It may be some sillyness about automobile defecintcy.. nite is 100% owned by institutions that can be a sign of a realy realy cheap stock and you can go real long the calls... don't care that much about what side of $10 it is on.. sold a put for $54 yesterday for some reason I hear something about it.. I hear some screaming outside... no one has said room mate yet... I am not a very trusting person and real estate is out of the question for at least 11 months... I should look into the free 100 shares... maybe I can find a mathmatical scam..

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