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Monday, January 09, 2006



I just don't care, meaning I am not going to have abuse in my place. It's East of Eden I think of when I think of fti, diverision to some other kind of crime lots of harrasment exc.. comes to work with black eyes and everything.. It's both people is what I read for a large percentage of the time. udr is not a good opton play not enough volume I don't realy like the notation I get distracted and make the wrong trades.. xmsr looks like I will hit at least 1 $200 trade maybe 2 $200 trades if I am lucky... I still don't feel 100% coughing up green stuff. I should probily sleep and stay at the house this weekend. She should if she is roleplaying stuff walk past the church and then she should walk past a simular religous establishment .... I won't role play it for her ... I didn't check apac to see if the place is still going to be there (I.E. on the internet) seems to be a lag between the times things are anounced and the time they dissapear.

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