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Friday, January 20, 2006


gas $2.50

Market got wacked... two options of xmsr sold for $40. I am not taking money out of the account until next month based on what happened today.. thereticaly I could take a g out of the account in cashflow (or off the margin). You might refer to it as an accounting gimick or a return of the float.. My interest costs drop because of it but I don't get the effect every month.. Check for 59 cents from what claims to be washington mutual from dallas. could be a credit card company.. Banks keep changing names.. I get to sell two more covered calls on monday and that is it I am done.. Black chick keeps going around like my jacket would match her outfit and that she needs more on.. Not that I have any fasonation with green partularly. People starting to remind me of back in the day.. That is who the guy reminds me of this hispanic guy who is talking about the guy at texaco saying you don't want to mess with him or maybe get involved with him he is in the mob.. I was also reminded by some of the people by the bus stop... small world..

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