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Thursday, January 19, 2006


the homo moron

and then the homo moron that keeps saying you don't want to pay child support do you exc. exc.. I don't know if he he stupid enough to think he is going to get money or not. If I just hear and don't get aproached then there is no profit motive it is just abuse. The homo's may work in teams. It is just like the drug people you have to aproach someone and ask for money and it is likely to get you hurt. My philosophy is that I walk around everyone and if you want to talk to me then I am going to want to know why you are wasting my time. theres more abuse off the phones mentions about the I.R.S. like I care and that paying taxes is fraudent... It's a buiness and when you have a buisness you pay taxes guy doesn't understand that if it is about me. advertising is legimate becase I get paid for advertising doesn't matter if it is conning the person who goes to the site or not.. I don't use thier advertising anymore may consider doing in the future Because I have no respect for anyone because of the abuse. They (ccpd) may have tried to put a better face foward lately.

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