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Thursday, January 19, 2006


loosers at heb

I have been talking about the contract between here and the base in flour bluff but the guy has a problem If I say something at h.e.b. I don't know how many people these morons are harrasing but I am sure there is going to be more wrongfull death suits against the city.. Future Telemarking in east of eden his son knew there was going to be a war and bought up the crops and his father made him give the money back.. (this is stienbeck). Like I have always said and you can get stuff from other sites. Someone benifited because you couldn't possibly justify spending that much time harrassing one person and they deserve to die. It's inportant that I get abused inside of h.e.b. and not say something about it.. very inportant to this guy. Came back to my apartment and harrased me for saying something

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