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Tuesday, January 24, 2006



It could be the end of someones tires behind heb.... chick with white pants and tight... wow... seems to be alot of stuff on the chicken side of the road and just a little on the mcdonalds side of the road.. except for billy jean street and that one dog makes it seem like a drug house.. not that it is just gives it that apperance.. Some dude in a trench coat not sure what that is about.. people playing around you have to notice the church by the mosque.. (not that that mosque is or is not suspect) and then walk around the first assembly of god.. You may get the same feel only it is a synagogue behind it.. not sure if it is still open though.. it's a coverup.. well hardly.. roleplaying it as the street is laid out.. If there is a roy's house of godliness with a plank fence that may make the neiborhood..

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