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Saturday, January 21, 2006


news of the wierd??

so you have this company that does customer service for newspapers

APAC Awarded Multiple Year Contract from The Minneapolis Star Tribune, January 2006

APAC Customer Services Announces LA Times Contract Extension, December 2005

APAC to Provide Lifecycle Customer Care Support for Freedom Newspapers, October 2005

and you have this guy that has something that looks like a terrorist attack... My cash flow went up about $400 at least still looking for another way to do that.. I currently am getting alot of abuse and someone threatning to blacklist me from one of the apartments. I can't tell if they are doing well or not.. bankrupcy or no bankrupcy.. They do other companies according to the news reports.. alot of people say it is a challenged buisness. I am just worrying about the iranians now, Said you know I don't like peace smoke (the name changed) I don't want to die.. I don't want to hear any more radio activity.. I am starting a pro-war investment club... $10 a week the price of a carton of cigerettes and put it into xle (the energy spider if I get that wrong).. looks like the end of the buisness cycle possibly according to the profit reports.. maybe not the end of interest rates going up, I hear some mention of interest rates going down..

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