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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


shariff laura jimenez

looks like a new sheriff that isn't running for nueces. laura jimenez, at first glance it would seem like a statemanish choice... i.e. someone without an interest in the electection who cant use it to further herself in the election because she isn't running. The cops were all over near the bridge monday might I perfer that when I hear harrasment about cars.. It is the city election that is important or maybe it isn't. It is hard to tell if things are realy run from the top or not, alot of what I am or had problems with is probily further down. The person at the top is responcible because thats his job to be responcible.. I am not sure if I am having trouble with the post office not wanting to deliver mail again I may have a collection of postmarks of stuff that has been withheld and not delivered in a timely fashion..

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