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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


someone asked about robert

robert does his management stuff and there is some pressure.. just job stuff and then of corse it is all above board and real and everything it is fti... there is another audio source though that tries to combine with that pressure, I am getting pressure from stuff that makes no sence from other people crap about driving and the other crap at the apartment befour I go over the bridge. The vote buying stuff is another one I have been hearing for some time.. saw something that could vaugly be about something vaugly related to xmsr.. It is a leak or something haven't looked at it to compair.. I am still waiting for subscriber numbers I believe the 20'th is all I can wait and then sell someone the right at a couple prices again.. holiday stuff book came today but it is at the office may be selling and post office delay.. walking past a strip club and there is some crap about me walking and a car (few days ago)) I don't recall apartment stuff like the sunday befour. I will as promised keep my readers updated about the planed murder and teqniques used. May get a billboard on spid (out of my budget) , I think it is the fear part that isn't there..

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