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Sunday, January 08, 2006


sunday harrasment

the opisite harrasment as friday that I need to pay off my margin. .... I am trying to move stuff after x-div... there is going to be a big drop.. it offsets the credit card companies when the rules changed scottrade did me dirty.. I was ahead of the curve enough to keep from getting screwed by it... all those hours and paper harts... Ya but that isn't the valentine I want. It ends up being a party for the military where they get all the women and such.. I get harrased they get the women.. Thats when you start telling them where to go... around the apartment it started off as it does alot he says he is mentaly ill only this time I am on the outside porch leaving.. I didn't stay around long enough to hear verious forms of depression and stuff. I have to watch the monday market.. nickle and dime stuff or $10-$25 STUFF... then it is the 15'th or monday realy 16th. ..20th. .and end of month.. options expire the 20th... something about averiganging works strongly in scottrades favor.. settlement date probily as opposed to call date..

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