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Sunday, January 15, 2006


times market..

doesn't sound like a real disire to have me killed this sunday.. van may have scared them off. Times market girl, I think I am in an unatractive mood maybe, $3.99 for backen (spelling) only if she wears it as a g-string... I am thinking they are not real.. Trying to decide if I should shop at times market or not.. maybe I get on thier nerves I am not realy intrested in the products.. looking around where the crime scene van was could have been vandelism a car maybe... mailbox maybe.. graphiti that I can't see without thier high powered flash.. maybe it is of something else routes exc... market is closed tommorow.. four days of decay.. usualy I don't look at it with this much detail.. not enough to start sucking the cash out of it yet.. getting much closer after this week hopefully.. 4 xmsr and 5 nvtl... and div's.... still not taking a g out of it though...

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