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Friday, January 27, 2006


the trades

I was planning on knicle and diming it down but the cash flow was gone... The horse ran well for awile and then it stoped so I had to shoot it.. I can just grab alot of small odd lotts for the positions I want.. doesn't matter it is called dollar cost averaging... 10% interest rate had to go sold 300 nvtl, 800 serius and 100 xmsr.. postions in everything except serius.. had to reduce options to.. It probily will go back up and it looks like a good company but there is a gyration that I had to limit a bit more... bought 11 shares of hyb.. I can buy them one at a time.. bonds may do well when interest rates top.. They have been pretty good about giving high yields and capital gains.. I can move stuff over to reduce my brokerage costs.. one brokerage for mutual funds and the other for other stuff and everything over 700 shares can be done through scott trade.. I hear roleplaying of paramount.. looks like they never finished building the building.. afcb.. oh thats what a**holes are supposed to roleplay.. litium batteries... A front for a meth lab maybe.. AA employment agency.. doesn't look like they are real active.. greek or aribic sounding person.. The person downstairs has a problem where he wastes his time talking about finacial transactions... It's like he never ran his mouth happens anyway.... Some chick at work I don't know if it is bad luck to see her... Seems kind of odd like something is going on or something.. reminds me of my old boss... or young boss however you want to put it...

It appears Aqib Talib pulled a Plaxico Burress.

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