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Thursday, January 26, 2006



One of the nights I had staid late and roberts eyes looked sorta yellowish... The guy at church of acts looks kinda redish at times. I think that is organ failure.. I am literly afraid of saying I will donate organs under any curcumstances... The audio abuse is sort of nightmareish I think I heard someone suggest that I quit... That is what I was thinking of when cindy said cindy crakawitz.... cinder block... cracked foundation sorta close to church of acts... she seems mad at me sometimes.. She has at least 3 twins or something like that only one of witch is somewhat unhappy but the overheard says is evil.. past carrs laundry exc... someone was roleplaying the stramge real estate company... bridal or mary or something I forget... maybe it was spouce real estate or something... looked like thier was air under the foundation and the yard sloped down away from it. The way to stop that or start the hault is a cinderblock border backfilled with compost leaves exc... I am not sure what else.. maybe it should be raised... speaking of guys with or gun failure I think of the cricle k near texas a and m probily around 1999 - 2001 closer to 2001 working at the circle k thier splitting image like a flash back of mr robery and an older person who looked like him at one of the other stores... probily not an uncommon look creapy though... I though about going to that particular circle k to see if that particular person still worked there creepy as that would be.... I was looking for code so it must have been 2000,2001 sometime probily 2000

It appears Aqib Talib pulled a Plaxico Burress.

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