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Saturday, February 04, 2006


abuse from downstairs

The abusive guy from downstairs has decided to harrass me on saterdays. He knows I am doing my taxes and doesn't care if it interferes is the general gist of things. says I am embarrased and won't answer the phone.. The rest is pretty abusive also at times.. 10-billion transactions but funding the milatary and other gov progams is not as inportant as running his mouth.. hopefully I do not make mistakes because of the harrasment.. Iran wants me to take alergy medicene instead of making ethonal... Alot of the harrasment centers around that.. Sorta I think the line is do you believe it is ok. to make someone take drugs. Someone is roleplaying the route I walk. There is K spraypainted next to the circle k that was doing the sucide thing on feb 14th and then came over to the apartment to harrass me. I noticed a Devorce on someones window with shoepolish or something and alot of pete alverez signs.. sorta looks like extortion where someone is trying to force the price down by using abuse and intimidation.. You hear it at the circle k and then something simualar is spray painted on the condo.

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