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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

aerosmith..... jammie had a gun .... not sure if that is on one of the two albums I picked up or not... I always sing something from another album oh no oh no no no non no we were walking in the sand and then then I touched her lips and then with my finger tips and then softly softly we made it with a kiss whatever happened to that girl that I once knew little fink (?) what should I do..... this is from memory... odd and it probily is one of the least popular of thier albums.. ward... running from a circle k (j.d. if rolepayed) He wants to harrass me about investing because he has to write a report on it... no comprende.. bought two shares of hyb... 3.5 cents of dividend.. There is a black chick or chick(s) I should put it that I often see down parts of staples.. I don't realy want to have chaos erupt all around me.. I think I saw an adress in the graphiti near the apartment I don't have any idea what it means... west side one of them says.. Ya there is a terrorist attack and there is always someone doing something they shouldn't and a child is involved in someway as either a prop or whatever.... It is not my idea to blaim a particular type of person in order to hurt them or to involve them.. I was talking about coincidence and the accident on staples and holly with a ford focus... Me with my stagecoach on a company report and someone who had said something directing my attention towards the traffic... It was the same thing next door pretty much.. (not all of the parties but at least some of the parties).. You always here about someone like the person next door (quite some time ago) or whatever getting hurt in prison or whatever... Someone said he is a master satireist at work.. I am flattered I suppose.. people seem overly littereal at times.. overaly scripted... action...responce sometimes you miss someones point or maybe it is an idea that is presented because there is someone else who is supposed to use harrasment based on the party of the first parts point..

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