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Saturday, February 04, 2006



I probily need a couple div things befour I complete my taxes. A d-1 form also looks like I am getting around $80 back unless I want to put money into my IRA. I noticed something that is tax defered that looked worth while http://www.treasurydirect.gov/indiv/products/ibonds_glance.htm this is for i-bonds they are yielding around 6.7% you have to hold them a year though tax free for school. There is a danger of the rates going down but other than that a good part of the mix probily... I think they are trying to be more abusive than wherever it would be I go so that they can use roleplaying as an excuss to harrass someone who has something that looks like a terrorist attack.. I can start filling out my div form... hard to concentrate with the abuse around the apartment.. The stereotype is that muslem men are abusive and then the guy keeps saying he is not muslem.. You figure he may have got into trouble for beating his wife or something and has to go to one of those court ordered things with an iranian who came up with the idea of being abusive and saying it is about drugs.. sorta a satire of Iran-contra or I-wrong contra... Is there something north involved...

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