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Sunday, February 05, 2006


more harrasment

The guy is harrasing me from the other apartment about calpine I think. Also says if I call the cops he is going to question my honesty. Around 1% of my portfolio when you subtract the options or was.... They are back here giving me investment advice though and harrasing me about shopping at walgreens (that I should invest in them to).. bought 20 shares of fording. looks like a shortage of very large tires may hold them back a little.. also hold back anyone else who does coal the same way.. Jobs report looked bad to the street they say, My electric bill that is based alot on natural gas prices looked very bad to me.. I suspect that is going to have an effect on interest rates and oil prices... Not sure when it realy hits though probily march/april.. I had looked up sam kane, I am not sure what the chances of a responce is though about my synthetic oil question... looks like they are metioned as inc..

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