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Sunday, February 05, 2006



surfing around these pages one from radio islam (in sweden)
searching the misspelled word muste one gets
AJ Muste Memorial InstituteAJ Muste was a pacifist, anti-war activist and a leader of the labor and civil rights ... The AJ Muste Memorial Institute was organized in 1974 to keep AJ’s ...
www.ajmuste.org/ - Similar pages


I noticed he was from morroco accourding to the story on the page. Also listening downstairs I get wierd spanish accents and what could be arabic at times but it has a different sound to it..

french is listed as much more common than spannish and the main tounge would be various forms of arabic.. I was looking for other misspellings on the swedish page and came up with tha pal... problem (I won't complicate it with my spelling). I wouldn't know if he is a valid person in exile or not. can't say I ever heard of the guy and sweden doesn't seem like a moslem stronghold.

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