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Sunday, February 05, 2006


person of interest

Someone should ask this person questions since you are all homo's and euro homos is pretty close. The pictures are reported as fake by the other users and he talks alot about isreal. white supremist group or someones agent maybe. The language is a little strong but probily within standerds. check the link for the complete details and check and see if the guy has a 911 angle or not. demo party is also a notation for music software..

Michael Glazer

Name: Michael Glazer

To: Humans

Our hearts are with all of the people in Israel; the families, friends, rescue workers, police, soldiers, all that are showing an amazing amount of strength to us in the Diaspora. After Spetember 11th the strength of the people of Israel really helped all of us in the USA to feel stronger than we thought we could. Thank you Chayalim, you are in our hearts and minds we love you all and pray to god for your redemption from such evil and wickedness. Don't forget Israel Solidarity Rally http://www.israelrally.org stand up and be counted April 15 US Capital.

Hillary Clinton Forum -- Everybody Welcome to debate the issues ...I guess your one of dem Euro Homos who support A-rabs. Ahem let me just say thats a losing bet. You Euro types always seem to bet on the wrong horse huh? ...
www.hillary.org/hc/Hillary_Clinton_Forum_560_chat1.cgi - Similar pages

this is from


Hillary chat

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