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Sunday, February 05, 2006


probily all the same person to 2003

(I am going to point out that cakewalk is in ma)


Israel is the size of the state of Massachusetts

mispellings (on purpose I suspect) like I spell that well either

Choosing to be a career criminal in the US "a viable option

Gainign Entrance: Dependign on the amount of time you want your career as a US prisoner is in direct relaiton with the type of crime you shpoudl commit. Do you want to be in for life? Do you want to be able to write and sell a book? Do you want the prison with the 14 hole golf course in Penssylvania or just the 7 hole in Kanas Luckily their are prison standard in which we can gauge our decision. AS well as information about the prison and state we woudl like to employ us. For isntance arizona doesnt spend too much on thier prisoners they offer them limited food, and housing, not a good choice. Whiel california and New york spend the most amount of money on employing criminals in their care.

here is an intresting link and quote from another page


a link from michael


USA´s Rulers: All Are Jews!
Palestinians won't get their independence
until Americans get theirs!

Jewish Power in Russia

Farrakhan on Jewish Racism

The Ideology behind Massacres

I am not going to rule out they are roleplaying something near a synogoge in corpus christi.. I also looked up kanas and there is a kanas lake in nothern china. ben lauden is probily not there... just to roleplay it..

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