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Monday, April 03, 2006


alte-mark .... alternative + mark market???

search for alte's and marks... some variation 2001 and march in some search's and some search on doe (dept of energy)
I can see it as being against the inporting of natural gas but don't have the entire story but maybe getting much much closer to the viewpoint expressed.

this is odd but not verifiable as far as dates go (at least by me)...


doe looks intersting but may have changed since 2001... Could be alternative of you are completly playing charades maybe I should look for goa music

the pages take forever to load (*&jsd .pdf files. this is fishing..

[PDF] The Honorable Spencer Abraham April 26,2001 Page 2
... Paul H. O'Neill, Secretary of the Treasury The Hon Mark Sobel, Acting Assistant
Secretary for International Affairs, Department of the Treasury The Hon.Donald ...
www.mbe.doe.gov/me70/nepdg/National%20Energy%20Policy%20Development%20Group%20pgs%2000501-00750.pdf - 2005-04-27 - Text Version

more algea stuff Cyanotech Corp (from the doe)

Spirulina, as other cyanobacteria, are not as highly productive as green algaeand diatoms, (unlikely to be anything)

Wake, L.V., and L.W. Hillen. "Study of a Bloom of the Oil-rich Alga Botryococcus braunii in theDarwin River Reservoir". Biotech. Bioeng., 22: 1637 - 1656 (1980).

This is an impressive web page

http://oldlitho.com/altenergy/altenermain.htm (I don't know about the content though graphics are tripped out

Finland has an interesting program (in my 2001 search) where people pay extra for windpower and a small amount is
put in an investment fund per customer for more projects (via a doe page)

The Brattle Group"The Role of Alternative Energy in the US Supply, chapter 11 in "Oil and Gas ... El Paso Merchant Energy's Exercise of Market Power March 2000 — March 2001, ...
www.brattle.com/Publications/PublicationListings. asp?ParentExpertiseID=12&PublicationTableID=2 - Similar pages

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