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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Enviremental Trust Company (spelling I know)

A transaction is made and then there is harrasment and the money isn't available for an abusive person... EXTORTION... $1 is 1% of $100 .... lower fee's percentage wise is cool... southern copper yields around 12.1% div yield.... cvp with a yield of 14.1% looks good.. american exchange requires me to buy 100 shares at a time.

Looking at theoretical corperate stucturs....

Enviremental Holding Company (ehc) (as a listed company starting as a bulitan board stock)

Enviremental Investment Comapany (Listed on american exchange managed by EHC)

Enviremental Trash Company (They may be a motivated seller Watch noe for details)

Trash recycling trust (non profit funds from requested donations used for recycling)

enviremental wind mill company (fully owned sub king county is getting 100 mil for 20 years if that isn't good enough I will tell you about more years)

recycled fuel corp.. (san antonio as a forget the sales term for selling to a group of people) Ethonal from trash/other biomass oil from waste/non-trad crops.

Swamp Land Trust.. (non profit run by ehc) Do you think we will build a swamp after you fill one end without money to maintain it. Possibly could be harvested for ethonal/oil crops such as algae and switchgrass and maybe methane gas if practicle..

I was looking at alot of those amex traded trusts seems they want to do 100 share min. I did find one that offered div investment at either the nav price or the listed price whatever is less expensive. It is like legal skimming where you get 1% and call it a fee. It looks like there is abuse of it by churning the hell out of the accounts. Not realy something that has to be done and probily a way to look good by comparison....

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