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Thursday, April 20, 2006


more abuse I may be able to describe them as a couple

2001 this is a guess.. she says she wants a confession... I had a check for a very large amount of money.. The one guy following me down third street went to jail when his friend got shot to death... There was a truck with some chick who looked like complete hell blond hair died maybe and then some guy who followed me into the circle k and bought some miller light.. just a voice that sounds the same as the people I don't know if that is the same person who was telling me not to buy bonds or not... They roleplayed the rioting thing... what else... what else... He harrasses me about working a sales job but doesn't encourages me to work at the paper.. We have determened that I can be abused and the police will look the other way... That is organised short trading.. She is around 40'ish real thin looks like complete hell.. maybe 30ish.. H.E.B. meal deal is realy good.. (not the guy I heard that sounds like gus.. this was when I applied for the sales job)

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