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Friday, April 14, 2006


more abuse

If living in an apartment is a misrible expierence you should by a moble home and die a horrible death in the next hurricane.... Affiliate marketing at one of the mobile home places and then she dies in the next storm that will teach him... They act like it has something to do with meth.. abuse about not buying medicince that can be used in a meth lab.. What is worse is the kids get forced on the medication and then the guardians use the medication for the meth lab. Grass clippings flying around above three stories high.. recently that stopped but the abuse has kept going. In fact not even a sneeze.. Who should you be abusive to if you don't like the aa (alergy associaites advertisments)... The guy who keeps complaining about being aproached after abuse who complains about extortions methods to try to sell cocaine.. Thats corpus christi for you...

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