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Friday, April 07, 2006


Silence is what I need....

lot's and lot's of copper in hybreds.. A bunch of people roleplaying the bus route... Leo's on one side of the house.. She doe's doggy style in the other part of the house.. I only want helpfull advice.. abuse isn't helpfull.. He's crazy she says.... sign says "now available" I don't know if she is roleplaying the bus route or not... There should be a way to roleplay it without being abusive to me personily sounds like it is just an excuse... income last month 1270 expence 710... A little bit off this month so far.. A femail room mate who isn't wierd and who can come up with part of the rent would be helpfull.. I don't want comments about credit cards or whatever.. I am being harrased about 0 percent and 2.9 perminent rates.. Not good for cash flow though...

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