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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


state police a cure for harrasment??

The Texas state police seem to be a cure for harrasment. I don't know if I should ask for a refrence or talk about the abuse around the apartment. abuse it is... I talked about the abuse around the apartment, The abuse at first data.. tradable info about a Terrorist attack from march 2001 and how remarkable it is that someone would use abuse at a credit card processing company and other local buisness keeping said person from paying credit card debt... I did hear abuse at the county court house and then alot of city cops around.. I walked past the circle k where I get abused and then harrased at the house to vote in the democratic primary against pete alverez because I was getting abused when he was running the department..

I go back to the apartment and go to sleep wake up around 9-10 oclock and then there is abuse about what I said at the county court house and the guy suggests I am dishonest. meanwhile on the internet terrorist attack and dates are still on the internet.. That is called a count everytime the guy speaks..

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