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Sunday, April 23, 2006


with state rights comes state responcibilities

Because of the amount of miles I walk I tend to come across stuff... Maybe roleplayed to atf... I don't know what that means I do know that alot of the stuff I saw looks like drug stuff.. circumstanstial... cigerettes (That I destroyed delevery for the drugs maybe). three cigerette lighters.. A spoon with darkish residue.. maybe coke.. someone left out some rusty cans of food unexpired but out in the hot sun... Two dollars and two beer bottles was something I came across in the last couple of weeks. I was planning on buying two plates so I added a couple of food Items.. You can find out if the person down stairs is smokeing to hide a crack problem by drug testing me as a matter of fact that may be why I am getting blacklisting threats....


Allowing for a passing of the buck for high energy prices is something I won't promote the STATE OF TEXAS and RICK PERRY can do allot to reduce oil prices over time I am NOT TALKING ABOUT SOME PNIKO POLLICY TO REDUCE DEMAND. Right now today raising gas prices buy 1 cent a gallon to subsidise trash to ethonal maybe as an investment in trust for the counties.. I.E. shares of the ethonal producer dividends of wich could be subtacted from trash bills or something.. Add a penny to a trash bill, a gallon of gas, electric bill to subsidise and with the extra part of the funds forced investment in such things as lense solor for electric and water, solor pannels for public buildings, research into algea to diesel are things that are very much in the power of state government and even within reach of a number of counties that bind together for a common goal. All ready areas of the state have came together to increase alternative energy not for enviremental reason but because water is used in electricity production.. clearly in a farming area with a crop that could have value a hot costal area that needs water and the beggenings of rotating black outs could come up with a low cost option to adress these problems and spook the oil market. After all oil prices are being driven by fear and scaring oil producers by telling them we may not give them anything may be the best threat of all.....

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