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Monday, May 01, 2006


A day without mexicans

Without getting into sarcasm people have... Income investers all of a suddon alot of demand dissapears for oil products... Deflationary and helps income investors. Don't know that it will have enough of a inpact on gasoline prices.. That is the watch.. Effect on gas prices would mean there realy is something to be said for consumer power.. Gasoline is what tears up income more than anything else..

Could have an inpact on overall employment if it got out of hand.. I don't think a self inflicted wound is going to be created by it... housing inventory is rising.. It's a volentary reduction in supply.. may help stabelise housing prices.. Soft landing is what they are saying on the buisness channel....

More graphitti stuff the guy harrasing me says he is a mexican... amex.. yea.... He is going to get delisted as an american if he doesn't zip it up... (company ticker is tag) graphitti says why don't you grow up... I think he may be on a watch list because of the graphiti...

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