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Sunday, May 14, 2006


femail voice

I am very distrated by the abuse around the apartment... I don't know if she means me. There is a hispanic male that is abusive all the time.. If she hears the gambling exc.. exc.. crap... positive cash flow but it takes some cash to pay my bills each month... They got me for $15 at the haircutters, I think they dislike me.. this is rambling.. there is a magazine there talking about the oil industry that may look like it is full of crap later on.. Some of the article looks like it was plajerised (spelling I know) from wired. I am meaning the part about black friday when exxon stopped getting oil from shale.. (I don't think it is newsweek it is one of those weekly things though from april). I noticed while searching for the texas envirental commision a list of texas biofuel companies. One stood out as being unique and it is smith bio-energy. They say they can make ethonal from manure. Most of the claims so far is about the oil content and not that ethonal is available. I don't think what I reported will wash away but there could be some effect from the water.. I think it has soaked into the ground and will still be there.. I think I was hearing the chick that was close to the $1. What I am looking for with xmsr is the first week of baseball on fox because it is a national network and there was a pattern from last year.. This is the first week but don't expect any effect until next week.. possibility of a gm strike and some manipulation is what I see and I think you will see a pretty good quarter where customer aquistion prices go down.. This may not be enough to help gm's pension plan and I think that is part of what is going on some organised shorts on gm with some spacing of some silly shareholders suits (maybe some with xmsr as well)..

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