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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


job and such

playing devils advocate with other people maybe. I had walked past the other distributor and I hear H like hurricane and some other wierd stuff and then f Dexter. It is going to be a big help. The new tax for the school distric, I have to say it is probily stupid because it will cost local jobs and probily not give us extra money, may make less money available. I won't say that taxing cigerettes is a bad idea though mainly because they ticked me off. Yanking some of the gas tax and putting it towards growing algea and brush ethonal and such for bio-diesel and ethonal may be a good way to do things.. I don't see any kind of proposels except to make it more expensive just for the sake of making it more expensive..... $25 dividend today.. noticed that gold is getting realy pricey. I may let what I left for may gold (and silver) to expire..

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