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Friday, May 12, 2006


more graphiti.. and such

There may be a bunch of people that roleplay glazier... He is going out with a different gen (gin) everyday and she isn't good with your kids (alot of them are pretty good but management is anti-union). She is trying to embaras me or she needs medical help, I am not sure if she fell on purose at the bus or not and she sat in some water or something.. I now see food items in different places.. If you see an heb item somewhere pick it up what the hell. please walmart please help me run my warehouse.. some people probily do not feel that way..

I am getting killed in the market and I am not sure that 20 hours will help or not. I asked lk jordan for some more hours they told me that they have something at delmar in the morning monday and tuesday.. 32 hours is good if I can get it..


fuk 83rd ..... 83rd mob (I think of 83rd airborne because it is catchy but could be wrong Frequency UKnown)

hr k (I am not sure if this is an HR issue or not possibly related to K OD)

FUK HR (Frequency UKnown HR???) hr mob (human resource mob??)

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