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Saturday, May 06, 2006


nike autoparts

Nike is already doing sneaker recycling. Alot of people talk about free trade and stuff for backstabing reasons. The truth is the oil is in iran and that is a big reason the jobs have went there. In the mean time 250 million pairs of sneakers go into a landfill. The rubber mats inside of cars and the things that block rocks on larger trucks would seem to make sence. They could probily sell the cotten to lear because it plays to what the auto makers want. I am getting a bunch of abuse again about recycling plastic and the amount of gas it takes. They want to cut off some of the raw materials for nike instead of helping them grow thier local buisness. I am currently getting alot of abuse because of the recycling and even get harrased when I recycle items. It is true rob erred (or ar err rob) I ment for him to over hear me and the other one he says I am going to get to the top (of the landfill) and screw everyone over who gets in my way. The basketball courts and such plays to the public maybe but they overlook using non-profits and toyota sustainable living grants to do a startup and reduce material costs in a small way.

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