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Thursday, May 04, 2006


sell you loose.. cell based eth 6 to 18 months

6 to 18 months or 2001... company is partialy owned by shell in canada will turn what they call ag waste into eth and sell enzimes and it is estimated to be cheaper than corn is now.. homeless iranians will just roam the street unable to pay for thier herion fix..

I don't know if someone is placeing canned food in the open bad idea they have storage temp recomedations to prevent food poisening.. Found or it was placed a fairly nice pair of nikes.. The bottem came unglued strange wear pattern maybe a motorcycle rider that was hopefully not involved in any motorcycle troube. explains the $2. $1 for the superglue and $1 for the shoe strings. very confortable. sorta strange looking by bluejean standards.. I see a number of womens shoes also, I am not sure what that is about... looks like she lost a pair of sandels and one red heal... red heals and a $1 dress and that chick is wow.... (This is of corse assuming that it is random acts of littering..

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