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Thursday, May 18, 2006


spill and other stuff

If someone may be roleplaying something do you call that an unconfirmed report.. (Not named) have a fork lift driver that looks like hugo chavez.. I was amused. Haunted break room (realy and she sounds evil like pysco evil so I had to leave the room) and some chairs that sort of made me nistalgic even though I dout they were as sturdy as the we had at the house years ago. I just got done working two double shifts monday and tuesday, I would be realy bumbed out if it wasn't for that. My body does feel that although I am not just going to roleover and die like this chick at apac feels I should do. Having someone tell you that you should just stop what you are doing and not do any exercisize sounds odd..

Texas enviremental commision or at least someone claiming to be the texas commision has been calling. I am not sure on all the calls, One of the voices sounds different but that could just be other facters although it is erily familier on just that one call. The rain realy brings out the contrast of the leak from the rail car and I could see it well past 45th street then when it dried again it isn't as visable. I wrote a couple of streets down hopefully this is what I was writing down when I was walking by the tracks. With everything wet and alot of contrast You start to see it at britton, brenza on agnes (If this is what I wrote down when I was walking I probily have other street names in my wallet from other things. I am sore but hopfully not as sore as last week. I don't know if there is a limit of this for my body or not.

The guy who says he is from the tecq is suggesting I take pictures and stuff. I was reading the paper yesterday and realy don't want the f.b.i at my house in a derogitory role.. Attractive nuesence probily is somewhat of a factor on those things saw more graphiti.. sbb.. I am not looking up that one could be a letter off at sbc.. found a large number of pennies in front of the sprint store..

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